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Social Media Management At It’s Best

Social Media Management is one of the key points of advertising your business online. It lets people know who you are, Where you are and how to get in touch with you. The ramblings of a business social site can be quite addictive if done right. Wouldn’t you want to know the latest gadgets and how to’s of a business service or product and also there’s the coupon aspect to not miss out on.

There is a reason why the big companies of this world are on social media sites constantly. It works! Go and see what you can find out about any consumable product or food that you use on Facebook. They all have a business page for you to like so that you don’t miss out on any promotions or activities that the chosen business is up to.


The branding aspect of being social is phenomenal. If you can get your brand on all the main social media sites, you are well on your way to branding your company as being something to be noticed. Making people aware of who you are and what you can do for them makes you one step closer to gaining their trust and then custom. Engaging with the public whether it be via pictures or chat, it’s all the same thing. You have become accessible to the masses. Dealing with customer service, giving out coupons to entice the customer to try you out or just speaking of your experiences, makes your potential customers warm up to you and have the positive notions that you want them to have about you.

Social With Mobile

If you look on any ones mobile phone, you will notice that they will have at least 2-3 social media apps on them. At a flick of a finger they will see all the rumbles of accounts and pages they are following. Do you think it would be easy to have a discount coupon flash in front of them while they scroll through all the gossip of the day. An average user of a mobile phone can look at their mobile up to a whopping 85 times a DAY. Do you think you could monetise those actions at all? The answer is yes.

Get your Social Media Control under way and create your accounts now and jump on the band wagon along with all the savvy companies out there and take your piece of the money pie that is waiting for you before your competitors do.

These are the main social media accounts you must have to have an impact on your competition.


Having a Facebook Business page can open up the doors to many possibilities for your business to grow. Apart from the fact that it is free, when set up properly, you can have an array of information that you can give to your audience but also there is much information to be had from it to. From building Brand Loyalty to spying on your competition, to cheap advertising, Facebook is your oyster!


Linkedin is a social media platform that many small businesses overlook. Considering that it is the third most used business platform for companies to connect, it’s quite shocking to see this of the small business owner.
Not only can Linkedin connect you with other business owners, but it can also introduce you to new talent that is fresh out of Univerity and eager to show their skills.
Linkedin is a great way to showcase your company to like minded people amoungst other fantastic benefits too.


Youtube is the second largest search engine on the internet. Many people are visual souls and they like to watch something being played to them rather than reading text. It’s more interesting and if you are showcasing a product or service, your video can be very persuasive. Think QVC and how many people buy from watching a video on a product! Video is very overlooked by small businesses so can help you crush the competition in your niche.


The up and coming platform that has proven to be much loved by the 15-40 year olds. Extremely visual, this is the place where your business can show it’s personality to it’s full extent and be social too. With images, short videos, chat and share options, you could grow quite a following and drive customers to your website very easily. Do you need this? You bet you do!


Twitter is great for Brand awareness and now that Twitter allows you to post videos and images, it’s just as important as the other social platforms. Twitter gets crawled by Google very frequently so there are times where you will tweet a message and it will show on the Google search engine quite quickly. Also there are businesses who use Twitter for customer support which is an instant and free way to communicate.


Images, images, images. An image with a small piece of text can get you places. Mainly cast at the female population, if you have beautiful items to showcase, this is your platform. Also the beauty industry does very well on this platform.