How Google Sees Your Links

How Google Sees

Your Links


Looks like Google is at it again with more bird attacks at the public! This time it’s all about your links and where they come from. So my question to you is are you confident with how google sees your links?

google penguinGoogle is trying to make the user experience easy, but at what cost? Personally I think this latest update is a little easier on the website owner than it has been in the past, but what of the SEO manager? There are a high number of managers that claim they know what they are doing and it’s something like this that will weed out the fakers from the true managers that care about their clients and the well being of their websites. So what has Google been up to now? It’s all about the links again, but don’t panic, it’s not as bad as it sounds actually. I’m quite happy with this update and yes it will weed out the bad managers.  Here is what has happened, the good news is that rather than demoting your website because of bad links, your bad links get demoted instead. The bad news is that if in the past you have had bad SEO work done to your site that you have no idea about, well you’re in for a big surprise when your website slowly slips down the rankings and you and your SEO manager will not know why.

If you want to read all about how google sees your links, which you should, then go here, it’s a great read.

This is why I sleep easy at night, because there’s some SEO managers who want to rush things, cut corners and be unethical to get the quick cash and there’s others who do SEO in the correct way and don’t get hit with the latest Google antics.

Google is looking to catch the bad SEO managers out and this is how they do it.