Sceal Seo


Sceal SEO was created to help local businesses gain visibility online. We found that companies in the local area wanted help but didn’t want to go to the big SEO firms because they would be treated as another number on the list of clients for a firm. Companies want to feel like they are in the loop with what is going on and that needs a person to speak to them.

We decided to give more of an informal approach so that business owners were more open with us to what they needed in their marketing strategies. We work as partners with businesses to provide a service. Marketing online can be a difficult area for a small business to delve in. Because we deal with different types of marketing, we can advise on what would be the right approach to finding new leads and customers.

Elly Chappell CEO of Sceal Seo

I’m Elly Chappell, the owner of Sceal SEO. SEO has been my world since 2005. I have studied and executed different strategies since, and care for the clients that I have. I am always on the cutting edge of marketing with search engine traffic and Facebook advertising, as I believe that these two methods are the best way to gain new leads and customers. These will bring targeted people to your services and products.